How To Make This Beautiful Brown Bag
How To Make

How To Make This Beautiful Brown Bag

Hello. We are making a super brown bag with Chic & Easy from Sensy's slim supra yarns. You will love it!

1- First of all, we start by sewing two tight needles in each hole of the base.

2- Now we can start building the model. We create the model by holding 3 stitches in the spike.

3- Then we collect the loops we kept. By leaving a gap and throwing a chain, we set up the model in the other gap in the same way.

4- In the other rows, we build the model in the gaps. Again, we wrap the rope in the same way and hold 3 loops and collect them. We throw a chain. In the rows in between, we proceed with frequent needles.

5- Now we switch to black rope. We continue in the same way with black rope.

And this is the result:


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