We Are Crocheting A Zigzag Pattern Bag
How To Make

We Are Crocheting A Zigzag Pattern Bag

Today we are making a zigzag patterned bag with Sensy's polyester macrame rope. For this project we will use Sensy Premium 2mm Polyester Macrame Cords in black and latte.

1- I start with 20 chains and continue until the base is 36 rows.

2- After finishing the base, I start to make the zigzag patterns. I make two rows in the same color. The row where I made the tight needles can be seen in the section below. There is a chain between the pins.

3- Now I show the part where I make a zigzag pattern with black yarn. I remove the pattern by inserting the double trabzans in the middle.

4- After completing the bag, I sew the bursa in this way.

And the result looks like this:

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