How To Make A Wonderful Bag Handle
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How To Make A Wonderful Bag Handle

Hey. Today I will show you how to make a wonderful bag handle that suits every bag with three different threads.

1- First of all, we start the magic ring work with six tight needles.

2- After we make the tight needles, we continue to make tight needles without joining to the other spike. We will pinch all the spikes in this way.

3- In this way, the stem begins to dimple. Here, if we insert the awl at an angle, there will be more comfortable progress. At first, there may be thinning and thickening. It will get better as you do it later.

4- After progressing, you should get a look like this. This is the look we achieved with Sensy Chic & Easy:

5- This is how it looks with Sensy 2mm PP Sparkle Macrame Cord:

6- Here is the look with Sensy Multicolor Raffia Paper:

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