Exploring Texture: The Ultimate Guide to Different Yarn Weights
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Exploring Texture: The Ultimate Guide to Different Yarn Weights

What Exactly Is Yarn Weight?

What does it mean when everyone mentions yarn weight? We don't mean the weight of the ball or skein when we talk about yarn weight. Instead, we're referring to the thickness or thinness of the yarn.

Sensy follows the Craft Yarn Council (CYC) Standard Yarn Weight System. Yarn is separated into weights 0 to 7 according to this system. Smaller number indicates to thinner yarn. For instance, Sensy Premium 100% Soft Cotton Yarn for Amigurumi would be considered size 1 (Super Fine). Sensy Premium 2mm 100% Polyester Macrame Yarn is a size 3 (Light), and Sensy Premium 5mm 100% Polyester Macrame Yarn is a size 6 (Super Bulky)

Even if each piece of yarn has the same weight, they all have slightly different sizes and gauges. There are a variety of gauges for each yarn weight.

The weight of each of our yarns is indicated by a symbol on the ball band.

Weight is one factor to consider when substituting yarn in a pattern. Yarns of similar weight can be switched out most easily. To ensure that the object you are making will be the right size, you must still examine the pattern gauge.



Lace weight yarn, sometimes referred to as fingering yarn and 10 count crochet thread, is an extremely thin yarn used for lacy items like doilies and lace shawls.



Since it is excellent for making delicate clothes, super fine yarn might also work for lace crafts. Socks, shawls, and baby things are frequently made with super fine yarn.



Another excellent material for making light and delicate items is fine yarn, sometimes known as "sport weight yarn." Making socks, heritage clothing, and lightweight blankets with it works nicely.



Compared to a #2, light yarn is a little thicker. It is a fine yarn that is thought of as lighter worsted weight yarn and is excellent for making baby goods and heavier, finer clothing.



Aran or Worsted Weight yarn are common names for medium weight yarns. The most popular yarn is woven in the worsted weight category since it is simple to handle. Beginners and those wishing to produce a range of items will love this yarn.



Almost twice as thick as worsted weight yarn, bulky or chunky yarn is perfect for knitting scarves, hats, sweaters, and blankets. When using large hooks or needles, this yarn works up quickly due to its thickness.



Roving yarn or super bulky yarn is thicker and knits up quickly! Making warm and comfortable sweaters, caps, and cowls is a breeze with this type of yarn.



The thickest yarns according to the Craft Yarn Council's Yarn Weight Standards. This yarn category was developed to categorize the popular ultra thick yarns that began to surface in the yarn industry. Making large, robust crafts quickly with these gigantic yarns is fantastic.